Knowledge  Is  Power

" We are taught not to love ourselves. 
So OUR mission is redefining that love;

 The only true change starts with you."

Finding your Roots


One of the biggest/important missions on this planet is Finding Your Roots, finding out who you are and why you came to Earth. Growing up, we are not able to be who we are at heart and soul, as we go through a lot of conditioning of what is "normal". Instead we are told who we're supposed to be, how we're supposed to look, talk, walk and what time frames all of this is supposed to happen. All of the norms are whats making us lose sight of who we are as spiritual beings.

It doesn't matter how we got here, or what the answer is to everything. We didn't come here to know everything, Earth is the planet of learning and information. It is time to start healing and correcting all the karma and conditioning we have experienced and still carry in our chakras and behavioral patterns. With the state of the world, it is important that we start taking action to repair ourselves and our civilization, simultaneously healing Mama Gaia and her animals. It is time that we ALL made a step towards unconditional love, change within self. As everything outside of us is only but a mirror of what is on the inside!




                                                                 Where to start?

Get to know yourself again and I mean the truest forms of you, the good the bad and the ugly. {Although nothing is every really bad} Acceptance! Once you start accepting flaws, perfections you begin to understand what you actually would like to change about yourself, for yourself!

Paying attention to what you like and dislike speaks volumes on your past. It also shows you what you would like to work on about yourself. If you like karate and the whole concept of the samurai that may actually be a link of who you were in the past, or now in a parallel universe. Then if you can feel it in your soul this is who you are, you'll start to understand the karmic teachings that you are experiencing now.

As you keep working down, you start finding it easier to understand your root chakra, then you start figuring out more and more about your lessons and begin to clear this chakra. Through time and patience you start rebuilding a healthy foundation for yourself with more understanding about yourself. This allows you to become more grounded! No structure can stand on an unbalanced foundation. And once this all becomes a cycle and you start uncovering the depths of your soul  this is when all else falls into play and Synchronicity begins! The Root chakra is where our Kundalini lies, so the more we work in this area the more clearance we allow for the snake to rise through all other chakras.

My purpose coming to earth, is to help shift the consciousness of the planet, to help heal and to anchor light as we shift into a planet of unconditional love. I am here to tell you that you are not lost and that feeling of not belonging here comes from remembering that you do not originate here. You are remembering that you come from the stars, from different universes and paradigms, that you come from the ultimate Source. You are not obligated to anything that does not serve you. You have a purpose and you are on that path, trust that you are exactly where you need to be at all times and that you are ENOUGH. We are made in sources image, we are extensions of our higher selves in this earth experience to heal, learn and teach. It is important that we follow our gut and intuition about where we are in our lives and that we listen to our calling. I amongst many are here to support those souls seeking awakening and information about what they are experiencing. There are so many symptoms to the physical body for spiritual awakening that a lot of times get misguided to being other illnesses. Majority of these symptoms are unexplainable to doctors. We are Light Beings in a physical body here to shift the consciousness of the planet by anchoring light onto this world and reconnecting ourselves to the higher realms and all else apart of our mission here.