Josie Ramsundar

Hi my name is Josie and I came to this earth to provide healing and teaching. Stemming from Chakra balancing to reiki/energy healing. Where I help bring balance to the mind, body and soul. Ridding the body of any stagnant energy helping to manifest more awareness and alignment. I teach people how to apply color therapy into their lives to help heal and expand their Chakras, many are unaware of how much color brings change into their lives. I also provide tarot reading, I believe strongly in the ever changing future. In which I prefer to provide readings to help people figure out what they need to focus on right now and how to begin, instead of focusing on the future. I have been studying since I was 14, from spirituality to healing. I am currently working on crystal healing jewelry where I wrap crystals with the intentions on healing the mind body and spirit. As I grew, I came to understand that I am clairvoyant and an empath. So I began a self learning journey on how to use these abilities to heal myself. From there I stemmed on to learning how to use these gifts to help others. As I believe our gifts aren't made for us but meant for others.

It is my passion to bring change into the lives of those seeking so. I love helping and bringing people to understand that they have all the power to bring to their lives anything and everything that they desire. We are magic, we are faeries, mermaids, unicorns, and so many beautiful creatures all coming together in this experience for one goal. Unconditional Love.

Unconditional love.

Peace and Namaslay. <3


Knowledge is power. Knowingness is the only way we survive, the only way we experience. I am here to help guide the people that are awakening, lightworking and healing in this conscious shift that will lead us to Light and Unconditional Love. With this brand I will be able to bring together all my abilities and information to provide healing to humanity in my own little way. This conscious shift is allowing information, DNA activation and growth to happen rapidly. We have more psychics and empaths awakening. There are the starseeds, crystal kids, indigos, rainbow and super psychics. All here to help this universal shift. The path and goal is to bring everyone to Unconditional love where they have control of their reality. Where people can get the spiritual help they need so they can live positive loving lives and see out their soul purpose. Knowledge is the key to where all of this comes together. Starting with Knowledge of self.

Through time we come to understand more and more as our perception changes to match our vibration. This allows so much growth to occur and allows you to bring information to others for their growth.

We are constantly planting seeds for each other, so it is important to understand that all happens for a reason. That the darkest places are where seeds are planted and this is why we must experience this.

We tend to get discourage and forget that what goes down MUST come up!

All seeds need darkness to grow and until that seed starts to accept that, it is in the darkness that the stem expands and reaches out to the sky and kisses the sun.

The intentions of this brand is to bring as many individuals to oneness as possible, to help those of you who do not understand and feel lost. Seeing that all of this information is not exactly something you come across every day, or somethings just can't be spoken to just anyone about. But now that millions are starting to realize and are experiencing changes in their perception, as we enter the awaken age of Aquarius in the Equinox. Now all information is becoming easily accessible. Be sure to always protect one self with a bubble of white light and take things with a grain of salt! Not all information will resonate with you, therefore, not all information is meant for you. It is important that you learn based around what fits your character and what ignites your soul's passion.

If you need help with anything please feel free to contact me so we can help each other!

All individuals and experiences are either mirrors or reflections for us, all things play apart in each other!

Even in healing, as I heal, I heal you.. As you heal I heal too !!



Image captured by : @mamacitarose / @rose.photosz